How Fishbowl Helps Hardware Stores

Work tools, Fishbowl Inventory BlogThe Business Journal recently published an article entitled “Local Hardware Stores Adapting to New Era of Competition.” It offers an intriguing look at the current position of hardware stores as they work to hold onto older customers while also educating and appealing to younger customers who are not as familiar with a DIY mentality. The article mentions Fishbowl CMO Kirk Tanner when it discusses how companies can use inventory management software to plan for fluctuations in demand:
Over at National Hardware, Guzman still relies on experience to know what’s selling. She knows to anticipate when students are finishing certification programs so they can have enough of the things she knows will sell — things like tool bags. Kirk Tanner, chief communications officer at Fishbowl, an inventory management software company based in Utah, says that new developments in software can do that and so much more.
Indeed, Fishbowl’s business automation platform helps hardware stores lower their labor and carrying costs while increasing the accuracy of their inventory records and speeding up many business processes, such as reordering and receiving items. This isn’t just a theoretical discussion. To see Fishbowl in action at an actual hardware store, check out the Mending Shed case study. This demonstrates exactly what the article is discussing. The Mending Shed was founded in 1971 and it later added an online store to appeal to a wider customer base. It relies on Fishbowl to keep its inventory quantities constantly updated on its website, save time on picking parts and generating purchase orders, and much more. Check out the Business Journal article and the Mending Shed case study to see how Fishbowl is helping local hardware stores successfully compete with big-box retailers!