5 Safety Tips for Working with Machinery

Safety tips for working with heavy machinery, Fishbowl Blog Companies that depend on complex machinery to manufacture products must always be aware of the potential for accidents that cause serious injury to employees. Most industrial facilities implement safety training programs to ensure that workers (at the very least the equipment operator) are aware of the potential risks of operating the machinery, as well as to ensure its proper operation. There are a few general tips when operating machinery you should keep in mind to ensure you are safe on the job.

Get Proper Training on the Machine

Workers should never attempt to operate unfamiliar machinery. Always wait for the supervisor or other designated individual to provide training on the specific requirements of safely operating equipment at your facility.

Ensure Machinery Is Operating Correctly

Another must in occupational safety is making sure the machine is working correctly. More importantly, learn where the safeguarding accessories of the machine are located. All machine guards should be in place and functioning correctly to protect against injury. EHS Daily Advisor suggests you report any loose or missing guards immediately to your supervisor. Make sure that rubber seals and other small parts are not deteriorated, which can present potential hazards and even cause severe injury. If they need to be replaced, make sure to get a hold of a company like Accurate Products Inc. right away.

Wear the Right Personal Safety Equipment

Workers (especially the machine operator) should also check with their supervisors regarding the appropriate type of personal safety equipment to wear when working with the machinery to minimize the risk of severe workplace injuries. Your supervisor may advise you to wear gloves, goggles, earplugs or other equipment. Implementing these measures on a consistent basis can prevent work-related accidents and injuries. Discover our advanced inventory management tools. Learn more!

Avoid Distractions

As a machine operator, getting distracted by sounds and actions going on around you when you are working with machinery can be the cause of a serious injury. Keep your work area uncluttered and make it clear to coworkers that you cannot interact when working on your assigned operating equipment. If you must talk to a coworker or supervisor, turn off the machine and step away from it to ensure that neither you nor others can be injured by an unattended machine.

Avoid Loose Clothing, Hair or Jewelry around Machinery

Any experienced equipment operator knows that loose clothing, long hair or dangling jewelry create a hazard that can be caught in the moving parts of the machine, leading to serious injuries. Always tuck in your shirt, tie back hair and remove jewelry when working on the heavy machinery. Avoid wearing flowing shirts or loose sleeves that can be caught up in moving parts. A good machinery safety record is collaboration between business owners, supervisors and workers. If each party plays their part effectively, the result is a lower incidence of accidents and a workplace where employees know they are safe. If you follow these tips, you will have a good start on maintaining your safety on the job.