Factory Organization: Shouldn’t There Be an App for That?

Fishbowl is offering new online manufacturing and warehouse management solutions, Fishbowl BlogOne thing that has had a profound impact on how people live is mobile Internet. Today, a massive amount of the earth’s population has access to any information they want at any time, thanks to smartphones. The ways smartphones can be used to make people’s lives easier are almost limitless. These benefits don’t only extend to individual citizens. They can also do a lot to help businesses to increase efficiency and improve their bottom line. This even includes companies that are more industrial in nature. If you run a factory that creates a product, you can certainly take advantage of smartphone and tablet apps to make the job of factory organization far easier and more effective.

Inventory Management Apps

Apps can be used to improve industrial processes, such as inventory management. Inventory management helps determine whether or not a company is profitable. RetailWire reports that collecting overstock and running out of stock costs companies as much as $1.1 trillion a year. That’s nothing to scoff at. Inventory management apps can make inventory control far more effective. You’ll know exactly what you have in the warehouse at all times when using one of these. If stock runs low, you’ll be immediately notified so you can schedule more shifts at the factory to produce more stock to meet the increased demand. Efficiency will increase and so will profit margins.

Build a Custom App for Factory Organization

One of the greatest things about apps is that they can be customized to meet the individual needs of different users. If your factory has specific needs or features that are not common in your industry, you won’t have to go without an app to help you organize production on your factory floor. Instead, you can get some help from HQ building an app with features that are relevant to your company’s unique production processes. For example, an article published by Automation World detailed how Hillshire Brands uses an app to monitor the cooking temperature and frying capacity of food products produced at its plant in Hamilton City, Texas. This kind of app had to be developed specifically for that purpose. It did not come “off the shelf” from a digital store.

Scheduling Apps

The most important element of a well-run factory isn’t necessarily the machinery itself. The employees who operate this machinery help ensure that products are created correctly and on time. Unfortunately, making sure that your factory is properly staffed during all hours of operation can be a very difficult task. One thing that can certainly make this task easier is the use of scheduling apps for managers and foremen. There are plenty of great staff scheduling apps on the market. These include choices like Shiftboard and When I Work Scheduling. All of them provide supervisors with the ability to create work schedules, adjust scheduling as needed, and call workers in with only the use of a smartphone or other mobile device.

Industrial Efficiency Apps

The goal of any factory is to create an efficient workflow that allows products to be manufactured in a timely and error-free fashion. While industrial processes may seem extremely complex and technical, there are a number of apps designed to allow managers and engineers to track and assess the efficiency of the industrial processes within a factory. These apps can be used to spot problems in workflow earlier so they can be fixed before they create significant interruptions in production. Overall, apps are incredibly powerful tools for a company to wield. They can give employees at different levels within a factory the ability to ensure that production is smoother and more efficient than ever before. Consider different ways mobile apps could be integrated into your industrial facilities.