Supply Chain Management Software That’s Just Right

Fishbowl is supply chain management software that's just right, Fishbowl BlogLast week we explored many of the ways that Fishbowl modernizes companies’ supply chain management system. This week we’ll focus on the 46 percent of supply chain management software buyers who currently have a commercial software solution that isn’t meeting their needs. According to a Software Advice report, there are three main reasons why these solutions aren’t cutting it:
  • Overkill
  • Underkill
  • Lack of support

1. Overkill

Overkill is when small businesses have an expensive ERP that is chock full of features they don’t need. They’re spending many times more to renew their annual license keys than they would have to pay for a more reasonably priced supply chain management solution that has all the features they actually need.

2. Underkill

Underkill is, of course, the opposite of overkill. It’s all too common for a solution to overpromise and underdeliver. But other times it can simply be that a supply chain management solution that was perfectly fine for a small business is no longer adequate for that same business as it grows.

3. Lack of Support

Lack of support from a software provider can be a major flaw for any business. Supply chain software isn’t the easiest thing to master, and users are sure to have questions as they use it on a daily basis. They need guidance along the way and the confidence of knowing that their software provider is paying attention to them.

Just Right

Fishbowl offers a robust business automation platform that comes in perfectly between overkill and underkill by being affordable for small businesses while also offering more advanced features and integrations for growing midsize businesses. A company can stay with the same software for years and years instead of having to upgrade every so often and learn a whole new system. Fishbowl integrates with dozens of other business solutions so that it always has new ways of meeting its customers’ needs. In addition, Fishbowl offers excellent customer support. It strives to help its customers get started with its platform and also solve any problems that may arise by having support representatives a phone call or email away, and also offering numerous training videos and other training materials in the Fishbowl Wiki. Do you want to hear about a company that tried both the overkill and underkill paths before finding their way back to Fishbowl? Check out this video case study about BEX Sunglasses. BEX started using Fishbowl early on, and they thought they could find something better, so they went shopping again. “We found something a little bit more watered down, and I always knew that it was limited,” BEX President Jason Adams said. “And that was something that bothered me to know that we already had software that was better and a little bit more robust, that would allow us to grow a little bit faster. Some of the other inventory software weren’t giving us enough. So that’s where Fishbowl came back in. I had never forgotten how much I love the software and how much I enjoyed using it.” You can check out the full report by Software Advice here.