What to Expect in Fishbowl 2017

The next release of Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse is right around the corner. What is in store for the 2017.1 version of Fishbowl’s software? Take a look at the Fishbowl Wiki to get all the details, but here are five highlights:

Fishbowl logo, Fishbowl BlogMySQL Database

Fishbowl is switching to a MySQL database to speed up processes and ensure the system is even more stable. This migration has been in the works for some time, and it will be exciting to see how much it helps Fishbowl’s customers.

New Salesforce Plugin

Fishbowl will have a Salesforce plugin built into its interface. You won’t have to install anything; you can simply activate the plugin in Fishbowl to connect it to the popular CRM.

Import XLS and XLSX Files

Fishbowl has always allowed you to import data in the form of CSV files, and it even shows you how to format spreadsheets to ensure the information gets added correctly. It’s now adding XLS and XLSX files to the mix.

Add Markup Percentage to Shipping Price

If you’re shipping items by cartons, you’ll be able to set a default markup percentage to their shipping price.

New Button Generates Multi-Level Bill of Materials Report

There’s going to be a new button in the Bill of Materials module, which will allow you to create a multi-level bill of materials report. Nice and easy. Remember, these are just the highlights. There’s even more that you’ll find in the Fishbowl 2017.1 software release. Keep an eye out for it!