Track or Treat

Track or treat, Fishbowl BlogTrack or treat! It’s Halloween, and that means it’s time to have a little fun and treat yourself to a spooky little blog post. As you can probably tell, this blog post is all about tracking your inventory. You’d be surprised how many ways you can track inventory with Fishbowl:
  • Serial Number – A number that is attached to an item to clearly delineate it from all other items contained in a company’s inventory.
  • Lot Number – Created by manufacturers and located on the outside of an incoming parcel.
  • Revision Level – How many times an item has been revised within the computerized inventory management system.
  • Expiration Date – The final day that an item can be sold to customers, whether it be because of the possibility of spoilage or some other reason.
In addition, Fishbowl has an unlimited number of custom fields, so you can add virtually any other criteria you want to track your inventory by. Track your treats and much more this Halloween with Fishbowl! And find out what a sweet deal Fishbowl really is by signing up for an online demo of the software.