Two Ways to Get the Spark R&D Case Study

Spark R and D logo, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl unveiled a video case study about Spark R&D nearly six months ago, and now we are proud to present it in another format: written. This is the first time we’ve done two versions of a case study, and I’m excited to share it here. Now you can not only watch the video, but you can read the words of the wonderful folks at Spark R&D talking about how their splitboard-binding manufacturing company has benefited from using Fishbowl Manufacturing to normalize their inventory management processes. Download the PDF to read it at your leisure and revisit the most intriguing parts. Here are links to the two versions of the case study: Spark R&D video case study Spark R&D written case study In both versions of this case study you’ll learn:
  • What makes Fishbowl a necessary tool in the daily tasks of running this business.
  • The importance of inter-departmental communication on ordering materials and managing inventory.
  • How each department in the company uses Fishbowl in different ways.
  • Why Fishbowl’s integrations with QuickBooks and Magento are so valuable.
  • How Fishbowl proves its usefulness to Spark R&D both now and far into the future.