Where Will the 8th Annual Fishbowl Day of Service Be?

More than 100 Fishbowl employees in Utah take one day off each year to leave the office and go forth to serve the local community. We call it the Fishbowl Day of Service. And this year marks the 8th annual Fishbowl Day of Service.

Earlier Days of Service

I personally have participated in all but one Day of Service, and it’s been a pleasure to serve every time. Here are all of the previous ones Fishbowl has spearheaded over the years: 2015 – Cascade Springs 2014 – Central Utah Veterans Home 2013 – Lehi High School 2012 – Barnett Elementary School 2011 – Mountainland Head Start 2010 – Provo House of Hope 2009 – Cherry Creek Elementary School

Theater in the Pines

The 8th annual Fishbowl Day of Service will restore the Theater in the Pines camping area, Fishbowl BlogOn July 15, 2016, the 8th annual Fishbowl Day of Service will take place at the Theater in the Pines. Theater in the Pines is a large campsite designed for big groups of up to 150 campers. It’s a great spot to start hiking the Aspen Grove Trail, Timpooneke Trail, and Stewart Falls Trail. It’s in need of repairs to return it to its historical beauty. Fishbowl employees and their families will assist the Forest Service in repairing and refurbishing the large amphitheater just above Aspen Grove and Sundance. We will be painting, weeding, cleaning, and doing some cement work to help restore the theater. It’s amazing what a whole bunch of people can accomplish in a single day when they’re all united in a single goal. We’re grateful that Fishbowl is successful enough to be able to take time out of our busy schedule to provide such a wonderful service like this. We’ll have some great pictures and stories to tell after the fact.