Did You Know Fishbowl Has Manufacturing and Warehouse Software Versions

Fishbowl Manufacturing logo, Fishbowl BlogAs I mentioned in last week’s introductory post, the Did You Know series is going to explore all sorts of interesting and important tidbits of information about Fishbowl. Let’s start with something fairly basic. Fishbowl sells two main versions of its desktop software: Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse. We used to sell our main product called Fishbowl Inventory and an add-on product called Fishbowl’s Manufacturing Option. Fishbowl Warehouse helps businesses with inventory tracking and more, Fishbowl BlogNow we offer two distinct software products, one of which is primarily focused on warehouse management, inventory tracking, and other related things, and the other includes not only inventory management tools but also bill of materials, work orders, manufacture orders, and other manufacturing tools. Want to see a complete breakdown of the features contained in Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse? Check out the PDFs found at these two links: Fishbowl Manufacturing feature sheet Fishbowl Warehouse feature sheet Come back next week for another insight into what Fishbowl does and how it works.