There’s a Fishbowl Report for That – Part 2

Fishbowl's reports allow for printing many barcodes, Fishbowl BlogLast week I talked about 12 of the more than 30 reports available on the Fishbowl Store. Let’s keep going and list off another dozen reports that you can purchase and use in your business. These reports have a lot of unique functions. This week’s ones are mainly focused on barcode generation and printing.

Part Barcodes by MO – One-Off

Remember the Part Barcodes by MO – Avery report, which had a full page of barcodes? This one is like that, except that it prints off part barcodes on individual 2” x 1” labels for every item contained on a Manufacture Order.

Part Barcodes with Tracking – Avery

Instead of using an MO, this report prints barcodes for all of the parts at a certain location on Avery 8160 paper.

Part Barcodes with Tracking – One-Off

You’ll notice a pattern that many of the reports with a whole page of barcodes are immediately followed by a one-off version. It’s true in this case, which is a one-off version of the Part Barcodes with Tracking – Avery report.

Part UPC Label – Avery

This report specifically prints out UPS labels for all of the parts that are fed into it. The UPCs are stacked on page and printed on Avery 8160 label sheets.

Part UPC Label – One-Off

Similar to the Part UPC Label – Avery report, this one lets you print off UPCs on individual 2” x 1” labels.

Pick Ticket for 4” x 6” Label

This report prints Fishbowl’s standard pick ticket on a 4” x 6” label. It includes a great deal of information, including part names, barcodes, quantities, locations, etc.

Pick Ticket UPC for 4” x 6” Label

Exactly like the above report except for the fact that this report uses UPCs.

Pick Ticket with Images

Very similar to the two reports above, but the barcodes are all replaced with images of the parts that are being picked.

Product Barcodes by Receipt – Avery

Now we’re moving from parts to products. This report prints barcodes on Avery 8160 labels for all of the items found on a purchase order.

Product Barcodes by Receipt – One-Off

Just like the Product Barcodes by Receipt – Avery report, except this one prints out each product barcode on a 2” x 1” label.

Product Price Label – Avery

Unlike everything we’ve listed above, this report has no barcodes at all. It prints product labels, including their names, descriptions, and/or prices, on Avery 8160 labels.

Product Price Label – One-Off

Again, this is a one-off version of the above report. It prints product labels on 2” x 1” labels.

More Reports Next Week

We’ll be back next week with another round of reports that might just prove extremely valuable to your company’s operations. You don’t have to wait, though. Just go to the Fishbowl Store right now to check out all of the reports and add-ons that are available.