How to Update the Fishbowl Server

Welcome to another informative video in this long-running series on how to get started with, and navigate the finer details of, Fishbowl’s software. This time we’ll cover how to update the server.

Two Ways to Update the Server

When it comes time to update your Fishbowl server, you have two options: Do it automatically or do it manually. Obviously, the easier way to update the server is to do it automatically. Just follow a few prompts and you’re done in just a couple of minutes. The part where you have to pay particular attention to is when it asks you where on the directory you’d like to install the new Fishbowl server. Make sure it goes to the same place as your current server. The manual way requires quite a few more steps. In most cases, the automatic way is just fine. But if you want to take a more hands-on approach, take the manual route just follow the steps found in this video.

Next Video: How to Set Up an ODBC Connection

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