How to Contact Fishbowl Support

It’s time once again for another helpful training video on working with Fishbowl’s software. Last week we talked about how to get help on technical issues by using the Fishbowl Wiki. This time it’s all about getting a more personal touch from a Fishbowl Support specialist.

3 Ways to Contact Support

Let’s just get right to the point and list the three ways to contact Fishbowl’s Support team: 1. Call in Call 1.800.774.7085 ext. 3 and leave a voicemail with your assigned team describing your problem. This will put you in the queue, and a specialist will return your call as soon as possible. This option is best when you’re looking for help on deep questions that would be more difficult to figure out through written communication. 2. Email Email support [at] with your questions. Be sure to include your company name. This avenue works best for issues that aren’t extremely urgent and that can be concisely explained in writing and with screenshots. 3. Chat Service On the top right of almost every page on the Fishbowl website you’ll find a “CHAT” link. Simply click it and fill in the information requested in the small window that pops up. Then get started chatting live with a Fishbowl specialist. This is a good way to get answers to quick questions. If you need more in-depth help, you’ll probably be directed to call in or visit a Wiki page.

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Next week we’ll be moving on to another phase of videos. Instead of getting started and getting help, we’ll be learning how to troubleshoot some software issues. We’ll start by learning how to clear a frozen export to QuickBooks. In the meantime, you can check out these earlier videos in this series: