How to Create a New Database in Fishbowl

Welcome to the second post in this series on getting started with Fishbowl. Last week we talked about how to set up the Fishbowl server, and this time we’re going to talk about navigating that server and creating a database in it.

Database Creation

When you are creating a new database or modifying an existing database, it will automatically stop the server, disconnecting it from all client computers. The server will remain on, but it just won’t be connected to the database. Before creating a new database, you need to know which costing method your business uses. Fishbowl gives you four options: Average Costing, Standard Costing, FIFO Costing, and LIFO Costing. The costing method can’t be changed once the database is created. If you want to change it, you’ll have to create a new database and import all of your data into it. This video also talks about what an administrator can do on the server, how many users can be logged in at once, how to enter a new software license key, and much more.

Next Video: Connecting the Client to the Server

Come back next week to learn how to connect clients to the server. That allows multiple users to log in to the Fishbowl database from different terminals and locations.