Unique Use of Inventory Management Software: Heart Reboots

Medical devices are used to spot irregularities in the heart and treat them, Fishbowl BlogInventory management software can be used in all sorts of interesting ways by many different types of businesses. In this series of blog posts I’ve been sharing some of these amazing stories. I’ve already discussed companies that make bacteria to improve crop health and conveyor belts for poultry producers. This week I am excited to talk about a medical company that helps with life-saving surgeries.

Cutting to the Heart of the Matter

Acutus Medical is a company that produces devices that help with essentially rebooting hearts suffering from arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is a heart condition in which different chambers of the heart pump blood at different rates. This can be a symptom of more serious heart problems or it can be completely harmless, but it’s good to get it checked. There are companies that create devices that go into the heart and spray liquid nitrogen to destroy the cells that are causing problems. Then they restart the heart so it pumps at a normal rhythm again. To do this, they need to know which cells are harmful because they don’t want to damage healthy cells. That’s where Acutus Medical comes in. Their devices spread crystals onto the surface of the heart and relay detailed readings on which areas of the heart are creating problems and which are not. That way, doctors know which cells to kill and which ones to leave alone during the procedure.

Cash (and Blood) Flow

Acutus Medical uses Fishbowl to solve a number of challenges common to the medical industry:
  • They have inventory at multiple locations that they need to keep track of
  • They manufacture equipment that needs to be stored in, and shipped to, many locations
  • They have numerous reports they need to produce to comply with government regulations
  • They need to track component parts by serial number so if anything goes wrong they can track the defective part back to its source
Fishbowl and its partners meet all of these needs and they keep everything flowing smoothly. Hey, that’s a lot like what Acutus Medical does for heart patients! It’s all about working in rhythm. After all, cash flow is the lifeblood of any organization. How’s that for an awesome analogy?

More Unique Stories

I have many more stories I am excited to share with you in the coming weeks. Keep coming back to the Fishbowl Blog to learn about innovative ways that businesses use inventory management software to solve problems and be more successful.