Unique Use of Inventory Management Software: Crop Health Enhancers

Inventory management software is just a tool. It enables businesses to do things they otherwise couldn’t, such as integrate with their accounting systems and automate numerous processes. But that’s only one side of the story. INTX Microbials produces inoculants that protect and strengthen legume seeds, Fishbowl BlogFor more than four years on the Fishbowl Blog I have talked all about what the software can do, but it’s much more interesting to see it in practice. That’s why I’m starting this series of posts to talk about unique ways that Fishbowl customers are putting our software to use in their fields of expertise. Inventory doesn’t have to be typical products in boxes. It can be anything, from living creatures to microbes in test tubes to totally intangible items. Let’s start this series by talking about INTX Microbials, LLC.

Growing Healthier Crops

In their own words, INTX Microbials is a “manufacturer of a full-line up of legume inoculants, biological growth enhancement products, and water conditioning adjuvants for pesticide tank mixes.” That’s a bit of a mouthful for us laymen. They make bacteria for different types of seeds to help the resulting plants to grow healthy and strong. It seems like certain plants (such as soy beans and other legumes) are really good at nitrogen fixing in the soil. However, it’s not really the plants that do that, but the bacteria that grows on them.

How They Use Inventory Management Software

The things that INTX loves most about Fishbowl include having the ability to:
  • Easily enter orders into the software
  • Pick orders in batches instead of one at a time
  • Email orders directly to customers from Fishbowl
  • Track products by their expiration dates and lot numbers
The bacteria and other things that this company works with are extremely time-sensitive, so it’s important for them to be able to act quickly and track everything by their expiration dates to prevent unnecessary losses. As they note on their website, they are changing the world of food production “one bushel at a time.”

More to Come

This is the first of many blog posts to come about Fishbowl’s customers and the unique and interesting ways that they use our software in their businesses. Special thanks to Grant Kimball, Fishbowl’s VP Partner Relations, for helping me with research.