Fishbowl CEO Featured in Huffington Post

Remember the Manager Mojo interview that Fishbowl CEO David K. Williams did back in October? Well, the interviewer, Steve Caldwell, is also a contributor to the Huffington Post, and he recently published an article about David, based on their interview. David K. Williams is the CEO of Fishbowl, Fishbowl BlogInspired by Fishbowl’s 7 Non-Negotiables (Respect, Belief, Trust, Loyalty, Commitment, Courage, and Gratitude), Caldwell came up with 10 Non-Negotiables of his own. Looks like we’re on to something here. His Non-Negotiables are more like value statements:
  • Value People
  • Respect Time
  • Excellence
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Communication
  • Support Success
  • Win-Win
  • Take Responsibility
  • Be Accountable
  • Be a Leader
It just goes to show that one person standing up and trying something new can inspire others to do the same thing. Imagine if everyone tried to live these 7 or 10 Non-Negotiables. We would all be better off for it. David’s book, The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning: Tying Soft Traits to Hard Results, was published in 2013. Learn more about it on