Fishbowl Is a Great Fit for SMBs’ Inventory Needs

A huge majority of the companies looking to purchase inventory management software fall into the category of small businesses. Based on research conducted by Software Advice:
  • Whether you have a handful or hundreds of employees, Fishbowl is a great inventory solution for you, Fishbowl Blog80 percent have 50 or fewer employees
  • 10 percent have 51-100 employees
  • 10 percent have 101-500 employees
  • 1 percent have 501 or more employees
Before you point out that these percentages combine to equal 101 percent, keep in mind that these are whole numbers, so a little rounding error is to be expected. It’s not hard to figure out why these numbers are skewed toward smaller businesses. There are more small businesses in the U.S. than larger ones. Plus, larger businesses are usually committed to an ERP software or an inventory solution that they’ve been using for years and aren’t looking to switch anytime soon. Small-business owners want to make a software purchase right now and then stay with that software through many years of company growth. That way, they don’t have to stop everything and go through the expense and time to find and learn a new solution when they’ve outgrown their old one’s features. As I’ve mentioned many times before, Fishbowl fits that bill to a T. It’s designed to be usable and affordable for small businesses, and it also has the option to add more advanced manufacturing and warehouse management features in the future when you need them. Schedule an inventory software demo today to learn more about Fishbowl’s specific features. Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse can help you, whether you have a dozen employees or hundreds. And we’ll be there for the long haul, too. It’s pretty exciting. This is the sixth blog post in this series, based on Software Advice’s study. In two weeks I’ll do a recap on everything I’ve covered to give you the full portrait of inventory management software buyers – who they are and what they’re looking for.