Fishbowl Is Proven Asset Tracking Software

Fishbowl is an affordable asset tracking system that is increasingly popular among large organizations that need the functionality of an ERP system, but they don’t want to pay a huge price for one. Fishbowl Inventory is a proven asset tracking solution, Fishbowl Inventory BlogFishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse allow you to organize your supplies or important assets and keep your data accurate and safe. They have advanced features that let you automatically reorder materials when they get low, quickly receive incoming orders into your warehouses, track inventory levels in multiple locations, and rapidly pick and pack things, and then ship them to their destinations.

Safety and Security

Every user in Fishbowl has a unique username and password. This lets you limit users’ access to specific modules they need to do their jobs. It also means that you can keep a record of all changes a user makes while logged in. This minimizes security risks by protecting sensitive data and ensuring you know who to hold responsible for any unauthorized changes that may creep into the data.

Mobile Capabilities

Fishbowl Mobile adds barcoding and warehouse management tools to Fishbowl. It offers the ability to generate, print, and scan barcodes, as well as keep track of your assets in multiple warehouses and other locations. You can use a barcode scanner to revise the number of materials in stock in real time, order new parts, and do many other essential tasks rather than having to go back and forth from a computer terminal to the warehouse.

Data Transfers

You can import and export data in CSV files. Customer names, contact information, order details, payment terms, and many other pieces of information can be quickly added to your Fishbowl database. Plus, you can generate reports and put information into Excel files for other purposes.

Case Studies

NASA and the Mississippi State Department of Health have both enjoyed a great deal of success by using Fishbowl. NASA improved their efficiency in producing, storing, and cycling through food items for astronauts thanks to Fishbowl’s ample inventory tracking and scheduling tools. The Mississippi State Department of Health’s asset tracking system is the envy of the nation. After Hurricane Katrina, health officials in Mississippi wanted to be prepared for any future emergencies. They researched asset tracking software and finally decided to use Fishbowl because it offered the right features for a much lower price than other options. The results have been incredible. Their asset tracking system received an efficiency rating of 99 percent from federal authorities. Also, in 2009 when the H1N1 flu virus started to spread, MSDH managed to get vaccines all across the state in hundreds of medical facilities extremely fast to hold the disease in check.

Save Time and Money

Fishbowl has the same features and capabilities as high-priced asset tracking solutions, but for a much lower price. Get Fishbowl and start saving time and money while working with proven asset tracking and inventory management software that offers security, convenience, and positive results. You can perform inventory checks faster, reorder inventory in real time, and keep inventory at optimum levels rather than spending money on unnecessary items and seeing them go beyond their freshness date before they can be put to use. Get Fishbowl and you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes in your operational efficiency.