What Is Batch Picking?

It’s important to know a variety of inventory management terms so you’ll be able to completely understand what is going on in your warehouse(s). That’s why I’m going through and defining a number of these terms in this series of blog posts. Batch picking allows warehouse workers to fulfill orders faster, Fishbowl Inventory BlogLast week I explained what a Carrying Cost is, and this time I’ll define Batch Picking. This involves two different terms, so I’ll define each of them. Batch – A group of orders made by customers that are combined together. Picking – The act of obtaining products from a warehouse to complete an order. Putting several orders into a batch enables warehouse workers to pick them all at once instead of one at a time. Pickers can plan a route around the warehouse that allows them to get all the products they need in the shortest amount of time. The advantages of batch picking should be obvious. It’s a smart use of workers’ time and energy, and it speeds up the process of getting the right products to customers. You can use warehouse management software to improve your warehouse layout and make batch picking even quicker by storing popular items close together. We’ll have another inventory management term for you next week. Come back to the Fishbowl Inventory Blog for helpful tips and useful information like this.