Don’t Let Goods Go Bad

When goods go bad, it’s not good for anyone. Customers don’t get products and businesses have to take a loss. Use part tracking software to keep perishable items from going bad, Fishbowl Inventory BlogTo solve the problem of perishable products going past their expiration dates before being sold, businesses should use part tracking software. Fishbowl Inventory is one of the most popular software solutions that help small and midsize businesses keep track of their products in multiple locations. Fishbowl Inventory gives users the ability to track parts by a virtually endless number of criteria, including: Creation Date – The creation date is the day an item was originally produced. This is helpful for clothing, furniture, electronics, and other items that don’t have a specific expiration date. Expiration Date – The expiration date is the day an item will be past its freshness threshold and can no longer be sold except possibly at a significant discount. Lot Number – A lot number is simply a number designated for a specific item, which keeps it distinct from all other items in a company’s inventory. Revision Number – A revision number can be as simple as “1” or “2.” It shows how many changes have been made to products, be they repairs, manufacturing jobs, returns, etc. It also includes when those changes were made. Serial Number – Similar to lot numbers, serial numbers are set by manufacturers when they ship parts or products. They can also be used for intangible things, such as software. Tag Number – Tag numbers are common tools for identifying items in inventory. They are frequently set by manufacturers, but they are not always used by retailers and wholesalers. Fishbowl Mobile has a Primary Tracking feature that lets you pick the criterion you want to use as the main means of tracking products’ locations and levels. So if you want to make sure products aren’t going bad before they have a chance to be sold, you can organize your products by expiration date. Or if you prefer to go off of their creation date, it’s easy to set that one as your primary tracking method, too. The point is that whatever your preferred method of tracking may be, you can set it in Fishbowl Mobile. That ought to help you keep your operations running smoothly so you’ll be as good as your word when it comes to delivering goods to customers.