Chad Hymas’ 3 Steps to Overcome Any Problem

Motivational speaker Chad Hymas came to Fishbowl last week and shared some inspiring advice for people facing serious problems. More than a decade ago, Hymas suffered a terrible accident that paralyzed his legs and hands. If anyone had a right to wallow in self-pity, he did. But with the help of his family, he found a better way to respond to this challenge. He boiled down the process of how to rise up from a terrible tragedy to three steps: 1. Focus on Values First. Identify what motivates you to be a good person and to push forward each day. These are unchangeable values. They must be who you are. Fishbowl’s values are found in its 7 Non-Negotiables: Respect, belief, trust, loyalty, commitment, courage, and gratitude. 2. Be Willing to Change Your Habits. So many people complain of being miserable or unsuccessful, but they shouldn’t be surprised if they are unwilling to change their behavior and form more constructive habits. Placing value on the right things will help you improve your situation in life. 3. The Results Take Care of Themselves. As long as you’re doing the best you can, don’t worry about what others think about you or the speed with which you’re progressing. You’ll be okay because you have a solid foundation and you’re moving in the right direction. Hymas had so many other wonderful lessons to share. Fishbowl CEO David K. Williams will write a Forbes article about them soon. Stay tuned.