QuickBooks Users’ Fishbowl Inventory Reviews

A little while ago, I shared a number of Web pages you can visit to find Fishbowl Inventory reviews. Fishbowl Inventory is a perfect fit for QuickBooks users, Fishbowl Inventory BlogThis time I’d like to share specific examples of what Fishbowl Inventory customers have to say about their experiences with the inventory management software. Many of our customers are also QuickBooks users, so they have a firm grasp of both the accounting and inventory control needs of their businesses. Fishbowl Inventory is the No. 1 inventory management software for QuickBooks users for a reason. We work hard to keep our software full integrated with QuickBooks, and the results speak for themselves. The following Fishbowl Inventory reviews are directly from the Intuit Marketplace. Feel free to go there and read the full versions of these people’s reviews. I lifted the title for each review from the Marketplace, so they should be easy to spot.

We Love Fishbowl

This reviewer begins by saying, “Fishbowl is the perfect answer for our business.” She then proceeds to explain why this is true, pointing out the usefulness of Fishbowl Inventory’s inventory tracking, storing, and fulfillment features, as well as its custom reporting capabilities. She then mentions Fishbowl Inventory’s seamless integration with QuickBooks and ends with one final affirmation, “Personally, the best thing about Fishbowl is the tech support staff. They really know their stuff!”

Thank Goodness for Fishbowl

After explaining their experience trying to work with a $100,000 enterprise solution, this reviewer explains that it just wasn’t what they needed to manage their inventory. They finally cut their losses and investigated three inventory management solutions and then bought the least-expensive one: Fishbowl Inventory. “We paid less than 10% for Fishbowl than what we did for our ‘nightmare’ experience with the other enterprise solution,” they said. Fishbowl Inventory has been exactly what they needed, helping them manage multiple locations and thousands of products.

Revolutionize Your Business

The Mending Shed notes that they struggled for a long time to use QuickBooks to handle their increasingly complex inventory management processes. They had several people working on purchase orders, but even they couldn’t prevent shortages and overstock because of the inexact system they were working with. Fishbowl Inventory allowed them to set reorder points on parts and products so they wouldn’t run out or get too much in stock. It also reduced their workforce needs, cut back on training time for new employees, and made many other changes that saved the company money and made it more efficient. They end their review by saying, “If you are making plans on how to boost your bottom line, you should seriously consider Fishbowl Inventory as part of the solution.”

Support by Benson

This review is full of praise for one of Fishbowl’s support representatives, Benson Cluff, who helped them figure out some really detailed questions about navigating the software. “He was able to provide quick, clear responses and helped us craft a solution to a complex problem,” the reviewer says. Fishbowl does its best to respond quickly and precisely to our customers’ questions and concerns. It’s wonderful to hear such praise from this customer.

Database Help

This reviewer gave Fishbowl Inventory five-star ratings across the board in ease of use, features, quality, performance, support and service, and value. Their comments were equally full of praise. They mentioned that another of Fishbowl’s support representatives, Dallin Wood, worked closely with them to show them how to set up a backup database. They say they are pleased with Fishbowl’s support staff. “We have had multiple calls to Fishbowl looking for help and every time our issues are resolved in a professional manner.” These reviews span a whole decade, from 2003 to 2012. Many things have changed in Fishbowl Inventory and QuickBooks over those years, but our customers have been pretty consistent in their praise of Fishbowl and its efforts to serve them. There are plenty of other reviews QuickBooks users have written about the company Fishbowl and its software Fishbowl Inventory. Be sure to check them out, too.