How to Help Employees Grow from Their Mistakes

When employees fail to reach a goal or complete a project, it could be because of any number of reasons. Leaders shouldn’t assume that every failure is the same. Some employees fail because they lack the proper resources, others because they lack certain skills, and still others because of circumstances outside their control. Leaders must ask probing questions and look closely at each case to make sure they respond appropriately. Throwing more resources at every problem probably isn’t the best strategy. Sometimes simply teaming an employee up with someone else or reassigning them completely may be the right way to go. Fishbowl CEO David K. Williams explains in the following video more about how to help each employee overcome failures and find enduring success. Enjoy Williams’ previous videos about responsibility delegation, paired leadership, and respect at the office. Get a copy of his book, The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning: Tying Soft Traits to Hard Results, from Amazon or other major retailers.