Fishbowl Lets You Reap What You SO

When you sow a seed and nurture the plant that grows from it, you eventually get to reap the benefits of your efforts. This metaphor can be applied to virtually every aspect of life, from cultivating relationships to starting a business. Plant growing out of money, Fishbowl Inventory BlogToday I’ll talk about how Fishbowl helps businesses reap what they SO (meaning Sales Order). You see, Fishbowl generates sales orders in response to purchase orders received from customers. Sales orders are different than purchase orders because they are standardized, making it easier to keep track of detailed information on each sale in a uniform manner. It makes sense. Customers make purchases and companies make sales. That’s an easy way to keep them straight. Fishbowl is equipped with modules to help you perform a variety of inventory management tasks. One of those modules is called the Sales Order module. Here’s how Fishbowl's Documentation Wiki describes it: “The Sales Order module … allows the creation of sales orders, credit returns, and drop ship orders. This module is often referred to as the SO module and also provides the ability to quick ship orders, take payments, print invoices, and much more.” That’s a lot of things that you can do in this module. Being able to process customers’ orders, take payments, print invoices, and issue returns (when necessary) is extremely important when it comes to running any business. These are all foundational tasks that must be performed on a daily basis to keep your operations running smoothly. Fishbowl speeds up all of these processes compared to performing them by hand. Check out the Fishbowl Documentation Wiki link above for more information on generating sales orders and using them in your business. Prepare to reap the rewards of using advanced inventory management software to handle your sales orders and much more.