Fishbowl Wins Best of State Award for 2nd Year in a Row

Fishbowl is being honored for the second straight year by the Best of State advisory board as the best software developer in the state of Utah. Fishbowl is the best software developer in the state of Utah, Fishbowl Inventory BlogFishbowl provides inventory management software to small and midsize businesses across the United States and a few other countries, too. It won 11 business awards in 2012, including Best of State. In addition to taking a company’s finances into account, the Best of State advisory board looks at a company’s special achievements in their industry, innovations in how they do business, and improvements to Utah’s quality of life. Fishbowl excels in these three areas. With the additions of new features like UPS Ready and multi-currency conversion in its purchase orders, Fishbowl Inventory continues to be an industry-leading software solution. Fishbowl CEO David K. Williams recently wrote a book that details his company’s unique leadership style. The book is called The 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning, and it is currently available for pre-ordering. Fishbowl is always providing service to the community, especially during its annual Day of Service when it shuts down operations and goes out to serve a local school or charity for a full day. Expect to hear more about Fishbowl’s awards, new product features, and much more this year. This is just the beginning.