Printing Barcodes with Fishbowl Inventory

Did you know that you can print barcodes from Fishbowl Inventory? It’s true! According to the Fishbowl Inventory Wiki, “Fishbowl Inventory prints barcodes in various standard formats. Barcodes can be found within Fishbowl by going to the Reports Module – Labels Folder.” Barcode shaped like a box, Fishbowl Inventory BlogFishbowl Inventory integrates with a number of printers, though it is recommended for use primarily with Zebra label printers, as Fishbowl’s partner FishBooks Pro notes in a blog post. In addition to producing barcodes, you can also use these printers to generate UPS shipping labels and other important things to speed up the process of getting products to your customers. Fishbowl Inventory’s barcodes are useful in many ways. You can use them to:
  • Assign product locations
  • Track shipments
  • Measure inventory quantities
  • Sort through product types and locations
  • And much more
Since there are so many reasons for using barcodes, Fishbowl Inventory gives you a variety of methods for printing them, including:
  • By purchase order
  • By sales order
  • By receipt
  • By location
  • One off
Learn more about Fishbowl’s barcode hardware and software, and see why Fishbowl Inventory is such a popular option for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, retailers, and many other businesses that are looking to save time and cut costs in their inventory management. Need an easy way to create barcodes? Click here to access our Free Barcode Generator.