Make 2013 a Breakout Year with These New Business Tools

I love this statement from an article entitled “Big Idea 2013: The Year Small Business Goes Big”: World in a box, Fishbowl Inventory Blog“Digital technology has been promising to boost small businesses for years… Now, though, we’re seeing a constellation of technologies coming together to level the playing field between the biggest and the smallest consumer-facing companies.” (emphasis added) This statement is great for two reasons: 1. It’s exciting to live in a time when technology is advancing and giving small businesses all the tools they need to compete on a large scale, and 2. Many of these high-tech tools that companies can use are found in a single place: The Fishbowl Marketplace! In addition to being the provider of the No. 1 inventory management software for QuickBooks users, Fishbowl is partnering with many third parties to provide a variety of business services for affordable prices, including:
  • Server Hosting
  • Merchant Services
  • Custom Reports
  • Shipping
  • Data Migration
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Shopping Cart
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • File Management
  • Point of Sale
  • And many others
Visit the Fishbowl Marketplace to learn more about each of these products and services, and see how they can help you turn 2013 into a breakout year for your business. By the way, the article I mentioned at the start also has this pearl of wisdom that I would like to echo: These innovations won’t make starting and running a small business foolproof – failure will still be an option, especially if your service and products are lacking – but they will remove some of the most pernicious barriers.” (emphasis added) Exactly. Business tools are great, but they don’t replace hard work and smart decisions. They just make work a bit easier and give you the information you need to make wise decisions.