2 Fishbowl Teams Finish in Rivalry Relay Top 10

Fishbowl, the defending champion of the Rivalry Relay from last year, had four teams (with six runners each) compete in the 62-mile race on August 25, 2012. It was amazing. Several Fishbowl employees who are not regular runners stepped up and raced their guts out. They just wanted to support their teammates and get some great exercise. Fishbowl runners completing a race, Fishbowl Inventory BlogUnfortunately, a knee injury kept me from participating this year so I don’t have the inside dope on everything that went on during the training or the race itself, for that matter. But I can tell you that about one-quarter of all Fishbowl employees participated in this race, and every department was represented from administration to software development. The Fast Fishbowlers finished in fourth place overall, and third place in the Men’s category. Even though they didn’t come in first like they did last year, that’s still a great sophomore performance, especially since the competition was even stiffer this year. Another consolation is the fact that another Fishbowl team, Cottage Cheese, finished in seventh place. The two other Fishbowl teams, Skinny Dippers and Deep Sixed, came in at No. 30 and No. 70, respectively. Click this link to see the full race results. Just being able to finish this race is quite an accomplishment, so I’m definitely impressed all these teams made it. Go, Fishbowl!