Check Out All the New Fishbowl Add-ons

Fishbowl recently opened the new Fishbowl Partner Marketplace to give customers access to merchant services, online shopping carts, and other software and hardware tools that integrate with Fishbowl Inventory. Fishbowl’s partners offer a variety of add-ons that work with Fishbowl to provide valuable features that make the inventory management software even more useful. Shopping cart with money inside, Fishbowl Inventory BlogThis news coincides with the release of Fishbowl Inventory 2012+, our newest software update that links some inventory information to smartphones and tablets.

New Add-ons

The Fishbowl Partner Marketplace currently has products in about a dozen categories, including:
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Data migration
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • File management
  • Hardware
  • Hosting solutions
  • Merchant services
  • Point of sale
  • Reports
  • Shopping carts
  • Tablet apps

Taking a Cue from Apple

Apple, Intuit, and other large software companies have similarly opened their software development kits (SDK) to third-party developers to add new features that would have taken much longer to implement if they had done them by themselves. This lets developers with different areas of expertise come up with creative products to meet customers’ needs. The Fishbowl Partner Marketplace has both integrated and non-integrated add-ons. Integrated add-ons work directly with Fishbowl’s database, and they include CRM, merchant services, and reports. Non-integrated add-ons can function without connecting with Fishbowl Inventory, and they include merchant services and faxing.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about the add-ons in the Fishbowl Partner Marketplace, call a Fishbowl representative at 1-800-774-7085, Ext. 2. If you’re interested in partnering with Fishbowl and writing software for the marketplace, email Fishbowl at