Get Fishbowl’s Point of Sale Solution Free Through June 31

Fishbowl is offering a great deal to its customers in the second quarter of 2012. If you buy Fishbowl Inventory through June 31, 2012, you’ll get SalesPoint for free! This is part of Fishbowl’s sponsorship of Grow America, an initiative to help small businesses in Utah and across the country gain access to the tools and funding they need to succeed.

What SalesPoint Is

SalesPoint is Fishbowl's point of sale software, Fishbowl Inventory Blog SalesPoint is a point of sale system that integrates directly with Fishbowl Inventory. That means that when you sell products to customers at the checkout stand, your inventory records are automatically updated to reflect the reduction in inventory levels. When they get low enough on a certain product, Fishbowl can alert you and automatically reorder it before it runs out.

Why You Need SalesPoint

If you’re a wholesale distributor or manufacturer, you might not think you need to have a point of sale solution. Only retailers need that, right? But what if a customer comes to your warehouse with cash in hand and says he really wants to buy some of your products right there? Would you just turn him away, or have him fill out a sales order and then wait a few days to have his order processed? No! You don’t have to make your customers wait if you have a POS system set up right there in your warehouse. Why not gather revenue from every source possible? By using SalesPoint, you won’t miss out on these customers anymore. Many small businesses fail because of cash-flow problems. Even a company that is profitable can suddenly crumble if it doesn’t have enough cash to meet its immediate obligations. Unfortunately, it can take a few weeks to receive payment for the products you sell to customers through invoices. With a point of sale solution, you can get money coming in to replenish your company’s reservoirs and prevent short-term cash flow problems. That’s quite a relief for small businesses, especially when your finances are tight.

Limited-Time Offer

Sign up for an inventory software demo to learn more about Fishbowl Inventory and SalesPoint. Remember, if you purchase a Fishbowl package by June 31, we’ll give you our point of sale solution for free. Take advantage of this offer soon!