Fishbowl Inventory Re-energizes 4th-Generation Family Business

For the past 80 years, a family-owned hardware store called Griffiths Plumbing Kitchen and Bath has done all of its inventory management by hand. But soon after the British Columbia-based company was placed into the hands of its fourth-generation steward, 28-year-old Damon Griffiths, they decided to change the way they did business.

Plumber holding a monkey wrench, Fishbowl Inventory BlogGetting Up and Running

Griffiths Plumbing and Bath sells more than 3,600 parts and products. Because they had spent so many years managing inventory on paper and in Excel spreadsheets, it took four months to get all of their inventory data organized into a CSV file to import into Fishbowl Inventory. Now that they’ve put forth the initial effort to get the system up and running, they’re starting to see positive results.

Tracking Costs

“The part that really excites me is the information that is available to me now,” Damon Griffiths says. “I now have access to information that helps me manage my cash flow better. I can track so many different things.” One of the most important things Griffiths is now able to track is the cost of equipment and parts that his plumbers use when they go out and work directly with customers. That way, he knows whether or not he’s charging enough to cover the cost of all the supplies and labor that go into on-site jobs. As the company tracks costs and optimizes inventory levels, it will be able to grow faster than ever before. And, more importantly, it will keep its loyal customers happy.

Looking to the Future

Fishbowl is in the business of helping businesses succeed. If your business is ambitiously trying to grow into new markets or simply interested in carving out a local niche, you’ll find that Fishbowl Inventory is a great solution for a great price. Keep your business thriving for the next 80 years and beyond by using Fishbowl Inventory now. Sign up for an inventory software demo today to get started.