5 Exciting Innovations to Barcode Tracking Software in 2012

Over the last few years, the capabilities of barcode tracking software have increased drastically as its average price has plummeted. Barcode tracking software is a computer-based inventory management tool that allows warehouses, stores, and other holders of inventory to keep track of not only the current location of all their products but also its entire history from the arrival of each piece through to its sale and final delivery. Barcode shaped like a box, Fishbowl Inventory BlogIn its early forms, barcode tracking software could only be used by inventory holders to track their products. Today, however, the increasingly complex innovations in barcode tracking software now allow inventory holders to use their barcode software to easily create and publish inventory essentials such as:
  • Bills of materials
  • Work orders
  • Other crucial production and work-related documents
Barcode tracking software makes it easy to perform and handle many formerly complex processes. No matter how much the software advances, however, barcode tracking software will always be essentially a tool to help companies avoid both premature depletion and overstocking of their products. Most of the recent updates and advances to barcode tracking software have to do with simply increasing the software’s existing capabilities and user-friendliness. Some of them, however, offer the exciting possibility of adding brand-new features that have never been seen before in barcode tracking software. Here are this year’s most exciting innovations to barcode tracking software.
  • More Data Available
  • More Simultaneous User Access
  • Real-Time Database Access
  • Future Usage and Capacity Projections
  • Storage Location Recommendations

1. More Data Available

At a single glance, the barcode tracking software of 2012 will be able to tell you not only the item number information of the product scanned but also any additional descriptive information that you wish to include. Although this capability has previously been available to only the highest-end and most expensive professional barcode tracking software, innovations in micro-technology, data storage, and data transfer will allow even the cheaper, lower-end barcode tracking software to provide this additional data to its users. The availability of additional data will allow for the elimination of the many steps involved in item and product cross-referencing.

2. More Simultaneous User Access

Most traditional barcode tracking software entities of the past have only allowed a single user to access the database at a time. Although this low degree of user-friendliness may be fine for small inventory businesses and simple operations, for larger companies, simultaneous multiple user access is essential. This year’s barcode tracking software will allow many different users, including managers, CEOs, and even regular employees trying to find the pallets they were assigned to deliver, to all access the software’s database at the same time without conflicts. Users will also be able to update groups of items simultaneously with new mass update features.

3. Real-Time Database Access

This year’s barcode tracking software will be more up to date than ever with increasingly frequent real-time communication between the software and the items themselves. This feature is essential to industry niches like auto insurance and the anti-theft programs they use. The more often the barcode tracking software used by a car insurance provider or anti-theft program can communicate with, for instance, a stolen vehicle, the more chance there is that the vehicle will be recovered quickly and with the least possible amount of damages.

4. Future Usage and Capacity Projections

In the very near future, your barcode tracking software will be able to not only tell you when your storage is getting too full or too empty but it will be able to calculate and project trends in your storage fluctuations to help you structure and expand your business like never before. Using complex algorithms and ratios to track warehouse capacity, orders, and item usage, you will be able to project your average earnings for the next few years as well as calculate how much you may need to spend on replenishing your stock in, for instance, the year 2020.

5. Storage Location Recommendations

Because your barcode tracking software will soon know both your product inventory and your storage space better than you do, it will be able to offer you suggestions on the most efficient locations to store new shipments and products as they arrive. No longer will you have to rely on additional software solutions or even just your memory. Barcode tracking software is well on its way to becoming the complete warehouse management solution of the future.

Light years beyond the hard-copy inventories that used to break the backs of the warehousing industry before the days of barcode tracking software, this software has made possible the fine-tuned inventory business world of today. Although other technologies are fighting to push the beloved barcode out of the way, these recent and future innovations to barcode tracking software seem to indicate that this highly effective means of tracking and locating products plans to stick around for quite a while longer.

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