Why Many Businesses Are Coming Back to QuickBooks

QuickBooks dominates the financial management software market for small businesses with 20-500 employees. Entrepreneurs love QuickBooks’ user-friendly setup, which allows them to keep their finances in order without having to be accounting experts. U-turn and storm sky, Fishbowl Inventory BlogBut as small businesses mature into midsize businesses, they often discover that QuickBooks can’t handle all of their inventory management needs. So they think they have to switch to an expensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to meet their growing needs because that’s what many large companies do. The problem is that midsize businesses usually can’t afford to make such a big investment and they generally use only a small portion of the features in the new ERP system. Here are three main reasons why many of them are returning to QuickBooks: More Affordable. ERP systems often charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for the software, installation and training, and that’s just the start. Each year, they charge BIG dollars in maintenance and renewal fees. This makes ERP seem like an unattainable goal for many businesses because they simply can’t afford to pay that much upfront, let alone year after year. QuickBooks Enterprise site licenses are available for just $3,000-$8,000 with annual renewal fees of $850-$2,000. That’s a much better deal. Fishbowl Integration. Fishbowl brings advanced inventory management features to QuickBooks’ accounting features. With this QuickBooks inventory control combination, users get pretty much the same features they were looking for in another ERP system, but for a comparatively low price. Fishbowl allows midsize businesses to finally move up to an advanced ERP system. Easier to Use. Living up to its parent company’s name, QuickBooks has an intuitive interface that makes it easier to print invoices and monitor assets, liabilities and all that good stuff. QuickBooks is generally easier to learn and use than big ERP systems. Plus, many midsize-business leaders are already familiar with the software because they used it for years. It’s like riding a digital bike. If you would like an ERP system with integrated accounting and inventory management features, be sure to check out Fishbowl Enterprise. You can get pretty much all the business tools you need for a great price.