Why Fishbowl Is a Great Company

I wish everyone could have a job they really enjoy. I’m lucky enough to be in that situation. That’s because the company I work for, Fishbowl, is a great company. I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for several weeks, but I haven’t been able to organize my thoughts until now. I’m ready now, so prepare to delve into what makes Fishbowl great!

Duck standing out from the crowd, Fishbowl Inventory BlogInnovation

Fishbowl has never been content with following in others’ wake. It’s always trying new things and setting trends for the inventory software industry. Fishbowl releases new features in its inventory management software several times each year. The best part is that it listens to its customers and makes sure each software version does an even better job meeting their needs.


Fishbowl’s leaders are always working hard and trusting employees with important decisions. They do a great job keeping the company on the right track, and their success hasn’t gone unnoticed. This year, CEO David Williams was named one of the top 100 Utah entrepreneurs, and President Mary Scott was named one of 30 women to watch in business.


Great companies attract great people to work for them. There’s something magnetic about them. If a company is less than stellar it may have trouble finding and holding on to the best workers. Fishbowl definitely doesn’t have that problem. Its culture is focused on the ideas that family comes first and every employee should leave work happy and excited to return the following day. That’s a recipe for long-term success.


Fishbowl is one of the few companies I’ve seen that not only says it wants to serve people, but it actually puts its money where its mouth is. For the past several years, Fishbowl has held an annual Day of Service to help members of the Utah community. In less than a month we’ll close our doors again and go out to serve local schools, but I’ll talk about that in depth in another blog post.


With a name like Fishbowl, you know a company is going to have a fun culture. As much as we love to work hard and get the job done, we also enjoy building friendships and having a good time. It’s just part of who we are. There you have it. These are a few of the reasons why Fishbowl is a great company. Come see for yourself why it’s so good to do business with by getting a free inventory software demo today.