INVENTORY MAN…agement to the Rescue

Welcome to the second episode of the adventures of Inventory Man. Be sure to read the first part of this story, “This Looks Like a Job for Inventory Man…agement.” It’s been a long wait, but it’s worth it because this story is about to kick into high gear. Enjoy! Vacuum money, Fishbowl Inventory BlogMoments after hearing about trouble in the city, Inventory Man rushed out of the Fishbowl Inventory office at lightning speed and discretely shed his disguise as the soft-spoken Kevin Clark. He donned the orange cape and white-and-black suit with an “I” insignia on the chest, representing his status as the last son of his home world Shipped-on. Then he promptly jumped out of the nearest window and started flying. Hurtling at supersonic speed, Inventory Man arrived at the city in less than 30 seconds. He scanned the area with his super vision while floating high in the air and saw something he had never seen before. He decided to take a closer look. A second later, Inventory Man stared in wonder at a giant robot standing in the middle of the street. It had eight tentacles protruding from its boxy body, so it resembled an octopus. The robot had extended its many arms into warehouses and stores along the street, and Inventory Man heard a vacuum sound coming from them as they sucked up products out of the locations. “Great Scott!” he cried. “That machine is stealing these businesses’ inventory! I must stop it.” Instead of leaping to action immediately, Inventory Man came up with a plan. He flew around the robot, looking for something very important on it. And he suddenly spotted it hidden on a small corner under one of the tentacles: a small barcode. He scanned the robot’s barcode with red beams that shot from his eyes and instantly discovered all he needed to know about it. Armed with information on the robot’s bill of materials, manufacturing date and more, Inventory Man was able to pinpoint its weaknesses. He quickly pulled two of the tentacles out of the buildings they were in and stuck their ends together so they sealed tightly to each other. Then he did the same thing to the other six tentacles until the robot was neutralized. It fell helplessly to the ground, shaking the ground fiercely when it hit. “Easier than restacking a pile of papers,” Inventory Man said, relieved. Just as he was about to fly away, he heard a voice crackling from the damaged robot. “Oh ho, stranger,” the voice said. “You must have great strength to destroy my creation. What is your name, sir?” “I am Inventory Man. And you must be Less Lucre.” “Correct, Inventory Man. I’m impressed. I didn’t think my name was known too well outside the FBI.” “What is it that you want?” “I want to make businesses fail. I want to steal their inventory, disrupt their supply chains, hinder their efficiency and do everything else I can to make life miserable for businesses.” “You’re mad. I will fight you at every turn, and I will triumph.” “Don’t be too confident. I’ve programmed my other creations to learn from the mistakes of the first, so it won’t be as simple to defeat them.” “Others?” Inventory Man asked. Suddenly, dozens of robots like the one he had just defeated swooped down from the sky and started breaking through windows and walls to steal inventory. “You’ll have to act quickly to stop them all, Inventory Man,” the voice said gleefully, “because I’ve also chosen this moment to rid myself of the FBI’s nuisance once and for all.” Inventory Man looked in horror as three robots swiftly moved toward FBI headquarters. Will Inventory Man be able to stop all of the robots before they drain all the businesses’ inventory and before they destroy Fishbowl Inventory? Wait and see in the next exciting episode of the adventures of Inventory Man…agement! And put Inventory Man to work for your company by scheduling a free inventory software demo today. Superman was created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel.