No Job Is Too Big or Small for Parts Inventory Software

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The straw that broke the camel’s back.” If we update that phrase to a modern business setting, it might say, “The washer that broke the bank.” Even the smallest, seemingly most insignificant piece of equipment can be important to a company. Small and big businessmen, Fishbowl Inventory BlogAre you a manufacturer, retailer or other businessperson who works with an assortment of products and parts? It’s a big job to keep track of so many small parts. Happily, parts inventory tracking software is up to the task. Parts inventory software is an automated system that allows you to track where your parts are, how many you have and when you should order more. It also lets you account for unused or broken parts in manufacturing jobs. An example of an organization that used parts inventory software to reclaim unused products and prevent losses is the Mississippi State Department of Health. You might remember my in-depth blog post about MSDH, “How Mississippi Became a Leader in Emergency Preparedness After Katrina.” After witnessing the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, MSDH wanted to make sure it was ready for other natural disasters. To do that, it needed to be more efficient. So it started using Fishbowl Inventory to track its medical supplies. Now, it’s a national leader in managing emergency supplies during times of crisis. Any supplies it doesn’t use it recovers, thanks to Fishbowl, which makes part recovery less complicated. Be sure to read the entire Mississippi State Department of Health case study to see how Fishbowl Inventory helped it turn things around. Then decide if Fishbowl’s parts inventory software can help you do the same thing for your company. So you won’t have to worry about a tiny screw or nail breaking your back.