Fishbowl Rises Above Warehouse Software Industry Troubles

Despite challenges for the warehouse management systems industry as a whole last year, Fishbowl Inventory continues to grow. Matches, Fishbowl Inventory Blog In the article “Warehouse Management System Market Brutally Pummeled by the Recession” it says, “The global recession brutally pummeled the warehouse management systems market in 2009… according to a report from ARC Advisory Group.” The problem is that consumer demand started decreasing in 2006. So many manufacturers and wholesalers slowed down their production levels and decreased their product orders to match this trend. As production decreases, so do inventory levels. This has led to a situation in which the inventory management industry is about five years behind where it should be. “The global 2005 [warehouse management systems] market was bigger than the market in 2009,” the ARC Advisory Group report notes. But, as I said at the start, Fishbowl Inventory is an exception to this rule. The company has been growing all through the difficult economy. It’s even won several awards as one of the fastest-growing software companies in Utah and the country. Click here to read about them in the Fishbowl Inventory awards section. Fishbowl offers excellent warehouse software to help you organize your inventory more efficiently. You can use barcode scanners and other tools to pick, pack and ship products and track inventory in multiple locations. Here’s to a bright future for the warehouse management systems industry and for the economy at large.