Fun and Work Go Hand in Hand at the Fishbowl Day of Service

I just got back from the Fishbowl Day of Service, and boy are my arms tired! And my back, and my neck, and… oh, you get the idea. Fishbowl Day of Service, Fishbowl Inventory BlogSeriously, though, the second annual Fishbowl Day of Service was a great experience. As I heard some of my coworkers say while we worked, it’s so nice to get outside in the sun and do some physical labor after sitting in an office building for so long. Not that there’s anything wrong with office work. It’s just nice to get some variety. Fishbowl Inventory organized the event, and Valley View Landscaping and Four Seasons Landscaping generously donated gravel, railroad ties and other supplies for the project. What was the project? On Friday, September 17, 2010, 71 Fishbowl employees and their spouses worked together to clean up and improve the playground at the Provo House of Hope. We filled in low spots in the sand so it was all level and put railroad ties around the perimeter. We also removed all of the grass and weeds around the edges of the playground. Then we poured gravel several inches thick across the ground inside the railroad ties. Fishbowl employees had to actually live what they work with all the time. We used solid inventory management tactics to organize our supplies and make sure our projects got done in the right order and in a timely manner. We planted two trees, installed decorative stones and did a few other fun landscaping things, as well. If you visit the Provo House of Hope now, you can find a stone marker commemorating Fishbowl’s role in making the playground a better place. Fishbowl CEO Dave Williams was on hand, helping each step of the way. He’s a very strong guy. The House of Hope is where people who are addicted to harmful substances can go to receive counseling and support to overcome their addictions. I’m glad we could make it a more enjoyable place for women and children to be. Be sure to check out the article about our community service event in the Daily Herald. It’s entitled “House of Hope landscaping improved by local companies.” Also, please enjoy the YouTube video below on the event.