The Quest for the Perfect Inventory Management Software

I’m on a quest for the perfect inventory management software. I’m inspired by the CNN article “The quest for the perfect credit score.” That article describes how people strive to obtain an elusive 850 credit score to receive lower interest rates on loans and look very responsible to potential employers. Chasing money, Fishbowl Inventory BlogMy quest for the perfect inventory management software has slightly different goals. A company wants to save money on carrying costs, improve customer service and look good to investors. I suppose both consumers and companies have the end goal of saving money and earning stronger reputations. Challenges on the Road to Perfection It’s not as easy to summarize perfection in inventory management like it is with a credit score. Different inventory management systems have different strengths and weaknesses. Some strengths might even be seen as weaknesses by some companies because they don’t need those features, so they just add to the cost of the system without adding value. Also, some companies are already doing a lot of things well in their inventory management, so they might save less money than companies that need a lot of help. For these and other reasons, it’s difficult to put an exact figure on how much every company can benefit from inventory management software. This makes it hard to find the perfect inventory management software. That’s why it’s a quest, not necessarily a clear-cut search. A quest is full of adventures, struggles and, hopefully, triumphs. Start Your Quest Every company should go on its own quest for the perfect inventory management software. Decide for yourself which features you need, such as inventory-tracking and barcode-scanning capabilities. Then research which software providers offer those features for the most competitive price. Your quest could take you in directions you hadn’t considered before. That’s why it’s so important. Where will your quest lead? Feel free to post a comment on how you arrived at the perfect inventory management software for you. I’d love to hear your stories.