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Don’t Wait to Fix Your Inefficient Inventory Management System

An inefficient inventory management system is an expensive and potentially crippling problem that shouldn’t be allowed to continue for long. Continue reading

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Make 2013 a Breakout Year with These New Business Tools

A constellation of technology has come together to level the playing field for small businesses. Continue reading

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Be All You Can Be with Asset Inventory Management

By using an asset tracking or inventory management system, your organization can achieve many benefits, including cost reduction, increased revenue and greater efficiency. Continue reading

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Fishbowl Pipeline Contact Manager Now Available

Today is the day Fishbowl officially jumps into the cloud! Fishbowl Pipeline, our Web-based contact manager, is now available for pre-release. A limited number of users are being offered during the pre-release period, so if you want to be one … Continue reading

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Santa and Fishbowl Donate Computers to Low-Income Families

Did you know that Fishbowl helps low-income single mothers and members of the Navajo Nation gain new high-tech job skills? It’s pretty amazing what they are accomplishing through the CAM Foundation. Christmas came early at Fishbowl when Santa Claus paid … Continue reading

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How Product Lifecycles Affect Inventory Management

Just when you thought managing inventory was challenging enough, something else gets added to the equation to make it even more complex: Product lifecycles. That’s right. It’s not enough to just have the right number of products in stock; you … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Prevent Malware Infections

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the U.S., as Microsoft, Stay Safe Online and the White House recently told me. As a security professional, I am pleased to note this means people are more likely to listen to … Continue reading

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Can Outsourcing Manufacturing Make Your Company Stronger?

Should manufacturers produce all of their own products or should they outsource some of the production? This is a question that every manufacturer should ask as they look for ways to cut costs and grow. The Case for Outsourcing In … Continue reading

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Fishbowl Among Utah’s Fastest-Growing Tech Companies

For the fifth year in a row Fishbowl has earned a spot on MountainWest Capital Network’s list of the top 100 fastest-growing technology companies in Utah. We placed No. 63. Just a few weeks ago I talked about how Fishbowl … Continue reading

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The Secret’s Out: Women Business Owners Finding Success

In just 10 years, the business environment for women in the technology industry has completely changed. Today, rather than being seen as an oddity, women in leadership positions are becoming much more common, according to the Utah Business article “Skirting … Continue reading

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