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What Is Your Business’ Backup Plan?

What is your business’ top priority? What is the one thing you must protect above everything else? Continue reading

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Do You Know When to Depreciate or Expense Assets?

It’s a good idea to expense or depreciate your assets over time so you know how much your business is worth for tax and other purposes. Continue reading

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Creating a Contingency Plan for Business Emergencies

It is important to prepare ahead of time for disasters because you won’t have time to do it in the middle of a crisis. Continue reading

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Who Should Use Fishbowl Inventory?

Who should use Fishbowl Inventory? I’ll answer this question in two parts. Fishbowl is a great inventory management solution for companies, and an excellent standalone asset tracking system for other organizations. Who Should Use Fishbowl’s Inventory Management Solution Companies that … Continue reading

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No Job Is Too Big or Small for Parts Inventory Software

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The straw that broke the camel’s back.” If we update that phrase to a modern business setting, it might say, “The washer that broke the bank.” Even the smallest, seemingly most insignificant piece of equipment … Continue reading

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Why and How to De-Clutter Your Business

“Why is it so hard for people – and organizations – to throw things out?” asks the author of the article “De-Cluttering Your Organization” in the Harvard Business Review Blog. The answer is we’re sometimes afraid of new things and … Continue reading

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How Mississippi Became a Leader in Emergency Preparedness After Katrina

Hurricane Katrina taught Mississippi officials an important lesson – they needed to do a better job of preparing for the next big disaster. After that devastating hurricane, the federal government imposed new mandates on emergency preparedness for states, including creating … Continue reading

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