With Fishbowl, You Don’t Have to Leave QuickBooks

Are you considering (or have you already tried) moving away from QuickBooks to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution?

Fishbowl QuickBooks integration, Fishbowl Inventory BlogMany small and midsize businesses discover that ERP software has more features than they know what to do with and it’s far too expensive for them to purchase and maintain year after year.

There is the software cost, the training cost, the significant downtime while you switch over, the often higher cost of finding new employees who have experience with the new software, annual maintenance fees, and many other costs you need to factor in to your decision.

It would be a lot easier and simpler if you could just stay with QuickBooks and find a way to add advanced inventory management features to it. Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse let you do just that. Continue reading

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Fishbowl Is a Modern Way to Manage Inventory

What motivates businesspeople to look for inventory management software? According to a study conducted by research company Software Advice, here are the four main reasons:

  • Modernize your inventory management system with Fishbowl, Fishbowl Blog35 percent want to modernize their inventory management
  • 31 percent want to automate and organize business processes
  • 20 percent want greater functionality than what they currently have
  • 14 percent have outgrown their old inventory management system

Continue reading

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Introducing the 7 Non-Negotiables of Winning Training Program

Fishbowl seems to be offering all sorts of training programs lately. Not only do we offer on-site training on how to implement Fishbowl Manufacturing, Fishbowl Warehouse, and the rest of our software solutions, but we also have training on inventory management best practices.

And if that wasn’t enough, we now also have a training program designed to help businesses succeed by:

  • Empowering employees
  • Being effective leaders
  • Inspiring loyalty in employees
  • Trusting employees with more responsibilities
  • Changing behaviors and habits for the better

Watch the video above and visit www.7NNs.com to learn more about the 7NNs® Training Program. You can also contact 7NNs Managing Director Rona Rahlf at rona.rahlf [at] fishbowlinventory.com for more information.

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Conference for Women Business Leaders Coming to St. George, Utah

Women business leaders are invited to attend a women’s conference that will be held on September 18-20, 2014 at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah.

The THRIVE Symposium is for women business leaders, Fishbowl BlogThe THRIVE Symposium will bring together more than a dozen authors and other experts to help you improve in numerous areas, such as leadership, networking, finances, and healthy living.

The speakers at this event include: Continue reading

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Business Leaders, Take a Tour of Advanced Inventory Software

A statistic that should surprise no one is that 63 percent of people looking to buy inventory management software are high-level business executives. These are the decision makers and they usually have a firm grasp of their companies’ needs, so it makes perfect sense that they are most often the ones who make the call on which software to buy.

Take a tour of Fishbowl Manufacturing or Fishbowl Warehouse, Fishbowl BlogOnly 7 percent of potential buyers are IT professionals, and the remaining 30 percent is divided among so many different roles that they weren’t separated into individual categories in a study conducted by Software Advice.

Even if you’re not the warehouse manager, accountant, or someone who has expertise in inventory management, you can get all the information you need about manufacturing and warehouse management software in a jiffy with the following resources: Continue reading

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The Live Big Challenge Is This Saturday

The first Live Big Challenge will take place this Saturday, August 16, 2014, and you’re invited to participate. It’s a bike ride that commemorates Bryan Byrge, a Fishbowl employee and loving husband and father who died a few months ago in a bike accident.

All of the money raised at this charitable event will be donated to Bryan’s family to help them in this time of need.

Sign up for The Live Big Challenge right now and watch the video above for more details. And join the mailing list to receive the latest updates on this event.

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What Does It Take to Make a Business Successful?

Every entrepreneur sets out with the goal to build a successful business, but all too often something happens to halter their progress and keep them from making their dreams come true.

What is the missing piece that will help your business be successful? Fishbowl Inventory BlogWhat are the biggest differences between companies that survive their difficult first few years and ones that come to an abrupt end?

Some things are certainly out of a company’s control, but there are plenty of things you can do to increase your business’ chances of succeeding. Let’s discuss six of them. Continue reading

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Fishbowl Offers Basic Inventory Control and a Whole Lot More

What are the most important inventory management features that potential software buyers are looking for? According to a survey conducted by research company Software Advice:

  • Many inventory management software buyers are looking for basic inventory control features, but they can get more, Fishbowl Blog50 percent want basic inventory control features
  • 30 percent want barcoding and scanning
  • 12 percent want reporting features to help them forecast buying trends
  • 5 percent want QuickBooks integration
  • 3 percent want lot tracking
  • Another 3 percent want kitting

Continue reading

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New Training Program Shares Inventory Management Best Practices

Having inventory doesn’t automatically make someone an expert on inventory management, no more than having a baby instantly makes someone an expert on raising children. You need to figure out what works for you and your business.

Fishbowl's new training program teaches inventory management best practices inside a warehouse, Fishbowl BlogFishbowl is now offering a new training program in addition to its usual one. Normally, Fishbowl sends inventory specialists out to train customers on how to implement Fishbowl Manufacturing, Fishbowl Warehouse, and other software we provide.

This new training program teaches businesses inventory management best practices. It helps businesspeople learn how to:

Continue reading

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How You Bin

The title of this blog post sounds like a friendly greeting, doesn’t it? How you been, buddy? Actually, I’m not going to talk about social etiquette or slangy grammar, but about how to track inventory in multiple locations by bins.

Bins for storing inventory, Fishbowl Inventory BlogBins are exactly what they sound like. They are containers that hold parts, products, and other items that a company uses, sells, and needs to track. You can stack bins, put them side by side, and organize products in them by size, type, popularity, etc.

Fishbowl is an inventory tracking solution that allows you to find and store inventory by location, including by bins. The Fishbowl Wiki article entitled “Location” notes: Continue reading

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