10 Unique Uses of Inventory Management Software

Check out these unique uses of inventory management software, Fishbowl BlogFor the past three months, I’ve been sharing stories of companies from a variety of backgrounds and industries that are all united in one thing: they use inventory management software.

They put this software to use in different ways, but they also have a lot of commonalities in the features they like the most and the positive results they receive.

Here are 10 of these companies. Click the links to read more about each one: Continue reading

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5 Secrets for New Businesses to Maximize Warehouse Space

When you’re starting a new business, you want to get the maximum benefit out of all your business assets. With a warehouse space, it’s particularly important that it be organized as efficiently as possible. Below are five ways that you can make best use of your existing warehouse space. Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Multiple Locations

In this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, James Shores goes in-depth on multiple locations. Having more than one warehouse leads to logistical challenges that many growing businesses aren’t fully equipped to handle.

The key is to use a powerful warehouse management solution, such as Fishbowl Warehouse, to: Continue reading

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5 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Warehouse Productivity

What do you do when the high costs of inventory damage, obsolescence, and pilferage erode profit? What do you do when you lack real-time inventory data to properly manage these aforementioned warehouse management costs? These costs erode profit because companies lack the technology to properly manage their inventory counts.

Inventory is often damaged due to poor handling, but poor handling is typically caused by poor storage practices. Here are five critical ways you can use technology to improve warehouse productivity, while protecting your inventory from damage. Continue reading

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Watch All 40+ Whiteboard Wednesday Videos Right Here

Recently, Fishbowl premiered the 40th Whiteboard Wednesday episode. That’s a great milestone. It’s been more than a year since we started this series of videos, and we’ve covered a lot of topics.

Here is a sample of the inventory management and other business topics we’ve done videos on: Continue reading

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500 Bikes Donated to Charity in Honor of Two Fallen Bicyclists

The Live Big Challenge is in memory of Bryan Byrge, Fishbowl BlogIt’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since Fishbowl employee Bryan Byrge and his friend John Coons were killed by a vehicle while biking in the early morning hours of March 12, 2014.

Bryan was an avid bicyclist, participating in many races and other outdoor events during his life. He lived by the motto “Live Big” because life is too short to live timidly. Continue reading

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Take a Tour of Fishbowl in Our Latest Video

Would you like to know if Fishbowl is a good solution for your manufacturing and/or warehouse management needs? Watch the video above to learn some of the ways Fishbowl can help your business run more efficiently.

Here are the highlights from the video of the things Fishbowl can do: Continue reading

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Unique Use of Inventory Management Software: Texas-Themed Merchandise

Isn’t it just amazing all the ways that inventory management software is used in the business world? There is an endless supply of applications for this software because it’s designed to help practically anyone streamline their business and be more efficient.

Let’s continue our journey through creative uses of inventory management software by heading south to the great state of Texas. Continue reading

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Transform Your Cluttered Warehouse Into an Organized Business Asset

When you manage a warehouse, you know just how difficult it is to keep up with inventory processing swiftly in and out.

Transform your cluttered warehouse into an organized business asset, Fishbowl BlogFrom the loading dock to the staging area to final release out in a shipment, it seems that nothing helps eliminate confusion. To handle logistics and warehouse management, you need a firm hand on data control, which provides the most recent updates on inventory flow.

Transforming clutter into calm is not easy, but it is doable. Here are some effective tips courtesy of Arpac Storage Systems Corp. Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: CRM – Hit Your Target

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an essential tool for any business that wants to organize its leads, customers, and other important data that can lead to sales.

Fishbowl integrates with Salesforce, the most popular CRM on the market. Combining manufacturing, warehouse, and sales data is a smart way to run a business. Continue reading

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