Features You Should Look for in Inventory Control Software

What inventory control software features will give you the most bang for your buck? Fishbowl BlogFishbowl has some amazing white papers you might be interested in. One of them talks about advanced inventory control features that small and medium-sized businesses should take advantage of.

These important features include: Continue reading

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Fishbowl Competes in 425-Mile Bike Race

Fishbowl's 2014 Salt to Saint Relay participants at the finish line, Fishbowl Blog

This past weekend, more than a dozen Fishbowl employees participated in a huge relay bike race that went all the way from Salt Lake City in northern Utah down to St. George at the southwest corner of Utah. The race is appropriately called the Salt to Saint Relay.

Utah isn’t exactly known for its flat terrain, and this 425-mile race has a 20,000-foot increase in elevation. It takes a special kind of person to want to take on a challenge like that. Continue reading

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Fishbowl Compatibility: Mobile Solutions

Last week I listed the many ecommerce platforms that integrate with Fishbowl. This time I’m going to talk about the mobile solutions that Fishbowl is compatible with.

Fishbowl works on a variety of mobile devices, Fishbowl BlogIf you want to check your inventory levels, order more products, or perform other inventory control tasks while you’re away from a desktop computer, Fishbowl can make it happen.

With LilyPad for Fishbowl, an app provided by Sharpe Concepts, you can use Fishbowl on any mobile device with access to a Web browser. Continue reading

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Fishbowl’s eCommerce Success Stories

We often get asked if Fishbowl Manufacturing and Fishbowl Warehouse work well for ecommerce companies. Fishbowl is well known for providing excellent inventory control software for a variety of business types, particularly manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.

Fishbowl is an excellent ecommerce inventory management solution, Fishbowl BlogBut what about the more tech-savvy segments of the economy? The answer is a resounding YES!

Here are a couple of case studies that show how Fishbowl has positively affected the fortunes of ecommerce companies: Continue reading

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Announcing the THRIVE Symposium’s Business Award Winners

September 18, 2014 is the first day of the three-day THRIVE Symposium, which is an event that gathers business leaders from across the state of Utah. There will be several government leaders including the Executive Director from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Val Hale as well as many published authors, professionals, and other experts offering advice and new ideas to attendees. It will take place at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah.

During this event, six people/businesses will be honored with awards for their contributions in a number of areas, including business development, leadership, charity, inspiration, and more. Continue reading

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Fishbowl Compatibility: eCommerce Integration

Fishbowl isn’t just a powerful inventory management solution for manufacturers, wholesalers, and other business types; it also integrates with dozens of solutions that make it an even more useful tool.

eCommerce Platforms Fishbowl Integrates with

Check out Fishbowl's ecommerce integration, Fishbowl BlogDo you have an ecommerce business or do you sell at least some items online? You would definitely benefit from a solution that helps you automate the online selling process.

Fishbowl integrates with the following ecommerce platforms: Continue reading

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Portrait of Inventory Management Software Buyers

Who is most likely to purchase inventory management software and what are the most important things they are looking for in the software they buy? These are the questions I’ve been answering over the past six weeks.

Inventory management software buyers are usually small business owners looking for the first time, Fishbowl BlogBut since I’ve separated the answers across six separate blog posts, I think it’s time to bring all of them together here in one final summation. Let’s get right to it. Continue reading

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Fishbowl Integrates with Many Shopping Carts

Do you have an online shopping cart that you would like to integrate with inventory management software? Fishbowl is a great option for you.

Fishbowl integrates with practically any shopping cart, Fishbowl BlogHere is a small sample of the shopping carts Fishbowl integrates with: Continue reading

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Do You Know About Fishbowl Hot Keys?

Would you like to manage your inventory even faster? You can with Fishbowl hot keys. You probably use hot keys all the time: CTRL + S to save a document, CTRL + Z to undo an action, and many others.

Fishbowl Inventory hot keys save you even more time on inventory management, Fishbowl Inventory BlogFishbowl is made up of more than a dozen modules, which serve a variety of purposes, such as Consignment, Transfer Order, and Shipping, just to name a few.

Each module has its own unique set of hot keys. For example, in the Inventory module you can simply hit CTRL + Y to adjust inventory amounts. And in the Product module you can hit CTRL + I to view the current inventory count of a part.

Click this link to get the complete list of hot keys in Fishbowl . There are so many that this blog post would go on forever if I tried to list them all here. Just click the link and you’ll find them all in one convenient place on the Fishbowl Wiki.

The nice thing about these hot keys is that they are intuitive. Many of them are patterned after familiar ones, like CTRL + N to create new orders, parts, products, customers, and many other things, depending on the module.

Check them out and start saving even more time with Fishbowl’s help.

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Fishbowl Takes Time to Go Out and Serve

Fishbowl’s employees are out of the office today serving, just like we do every year. Today is the Fishbowl Day of Service, which is a special time for all of us to leave our usual jobs to go out and help people in our community.

Fishbowl is out of the office today for its annual Day of Service, Fishbowl BlogWe apologize if this causes any inconveniences to our wonderful customers. We just feel that it’s important to give back to people in need and who have given so much to us.

Today we are at the Central Utah Veterans Home in Payson, Utah, offering a listening ear and helping hands. It’s not as much physical labor as we’ve done in the past, but it is still important work to be with these people who have sacrificed a great deal for their country.

Have a great day. We know we will.

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