Whiteboard Wednesday: Fishbowl’s QuickBooks Integration

Fishbowl’s Whiteboard Wednesday is a series of videos that shine light on important inventory management topics to make them easier to understand.

In last week’s video, Kirk Tanner, Fishbowl’s Chief Marketing Officer, described the benefits of wireless warehouse management. This time, he’s going to share the benefits of Fishbowl’s integration with QuickBooks.

Fishbowl’s QuickBooks integration lets small and medium-sized businesses keep using the accounting software they’re familiar with, even after they grow out of its inventory management tools.

Fishbowl automatically lets QuickBooks know when items are bought, sold, ordered, received, and more so that corresponding updates are made to the accounting records. This eliminates double data entry and ensures inventory and accounting records match up.

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Fishbowl’s Flexibility: Customizing to Meet Customers’ Unique Needs

Fishbowl Inventory comes in a generic version when it is purchased, and it can be customized to meet your business’ unique needs.

Fishbowl Inventory's features are as flexible as you need them to be, Fishbowl Inventory BlogBusinesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries use Fishbowl Inventory to help them with their inventory control, so it makes sense that Fishbowl Inventory would be customizable to work with so many kinds of customers.

It can take some time to get everything just the way you want it, but it’s worth the effort because once it’s all in place, you can really start getting work done.

Let’s take a look at all the aspects of Fishbowl Inventory you can customize to fit with the way you do business. Continue reading

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20 Fishbowl Inventory Tips

On the front page of the Fishbowl Wiki you can find a Fishbowl Tip, which changes every time you visit the page. Each tip is randomly selected from the Fishbowl Tips page, which is full of insights into how to use Fishbowl Inventory more effectively.

Here are 20 tips on how to use Fishbowl Inventory more effectively, Fishbowl Inventory BlogI would like to share 20 of these Fishbowl Tips to help you make better use of the Fishbowl Inventory software and have a better all-around experience with it. Here we go: Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Wireless Warehouse Management

Whiteboard Wednesday is Fishbowl’s video series that explains complicated inventory and warehouse management topics in easy-to-understand ways.

Last time, Fishbowl CMO Kirk Tanner discussed how to eliminate touches in the receiving process and now he’s back to tackle the topic of wireless warehouse management.

Managing a warehouse requires that a number of tasks be performed on a routine basis. These tasks include ordering new products, receiving them into the warehouse, picking products off shelves when customers’ orders come in, packing those products in the right containers, and then shipping them out to customers.

Companies have two ways to make these things happen: Do them manually or use warehouse management software. Manual processes are time consuming and they can be risky, especially when it comes to keeping data safe and accurate. Fishbowl Mobile, on the other hand, makes these processes faster and keeps data accurate and easily accessible.

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A Tragic Day Stuns Fishbowl

On the morning of Wednesday, March 12, 2014, Bryan Byrge, an employee at Fishbowl and a beloved husband and father, and his friend, John Coons, died in a tragic bicycling accident.

Bryan Byrge died in a tragic bike accident, Fishbowl Inventory Blog

Bryan Byrge (right) died in a tragic bike accident. He was good friends with fellow Fishbowl employee Dave Bauerle (left).

Everyone who knew these two men was shocked by the news of their deaths. Byrge leaves behind a wife and four children and Coons leaves behind a wife and three children.

In honor of these two men, who were big cycling and outdoors enthusiasts, their friends and family organized a 20-mile bike ride last Friday. I heard that about 200 people participated in it. Continue reading

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Solve Common Business Problems with Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is a problem solver for businesses of all sizes. It makes mundane tasks like ordering, receiving, and shipping products less complicated and more streamlined.

Inventory management software is a problem solver, Fishbowl Inventory BlogHere are several business problems that inventory management software solves.

How to Balance Inventory Levels

A serious challenge that many companies face is finding a balance between too much and too little inventory on their shelves. If you keep too little, you run the risk of having shortages. If you keep too much, you have more carrying costs and run the risk of spoilage and other problems.

Inventory management software helps you store the right amount of each of your products, and it also helps you plan for rises and falls in seasonal demand. This ensures you’re using your capital and other resources to the fullest. Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Eliminating Touches in the Receiving Process

Every week we debut a new episode of Fishbowl’s Whiteboard Wednesday to explain inventory management processes and how inventory software can make them easier and more efficient.

In the last video, James Shores talked about establishing good business habits and in this video he’ll explain how to eliminate touches in the receiving process.

A “touch” is any point of contact between warehouse workers and the materials they’re working with. When an employee receives a product into a warehouse, counts it, and puts it away, those are all touches.

To save time, it helps to reduce the number of touches you make on products. You can accomplish this by using a powerful warehouse management solution.

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Blogging Without Bragging

I’ve written and published hundreds of blog posts here at Fishbowl. Sometimes I wonder how my written work comes across to readers. Is it all so squeaky clean and upbeat that it sounds like nonstop bragging? I hope not, which is why I’d like to take a minute to address the issue of blogging without bragging.

Vulnerable or Attention Seeking?

Peacock showing off, Fishbowl Inventory BlogFirst of all, what is the purpose of a corporate blog? I can think of several:

  • To talk about company milestones and news
  • To give industry tips and other useful information
  • To interact with customers online
  • To create content to share on social media

There’s no rule that says a corporate blog has to be positive all the time. But there’s also something to be said for writing in good taste. You don’t want to come across as weak or focus on negative news. Continue reading

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PO Is the Master at Purchasing from Vendors

You don’t have to be a Kung Fu master to purchase products from vendors. But it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Po the panda is a great example to businesses, Fishbowl Inventory BlogIn previous blog posts, I’ve creatively talked about MO (Manufacture Order) and SO (Sales Order). Now it’s PO’s turn. Po, the Kung Fu Panda himself, is here to show Purchase Orders who’s boss. I can’t wait to get started. Continue reading

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Establishing Good Business Habits

Here is a brand-new edition of Fishbowl’s Whiteboard Wednesday. In these weekly videos, we talk about topics that affect your business, particularly as they relate to inventory management.

Last time, James Shores showed how to replace bad habits with best practices and now he’s back to share even more good business habits and how to ingrain them in your company.

As with all habits, it takes dedication and time to forge them. You’ll have to work hard to make these things a part of your business. It won’t come all at once and it may not even feel natural at first because you’ve been doing things differently for a while. But if you stick with it, you’ll see a lot of benefits from making your business more efficient.

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