How Fishbowl Shows Its Gratitude

To celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I’d like to share how Fishbowl shows its gratitude in big and small ways.

Sal Cucinella and Mark Linden, leaders of Sharpe Concept, Fishbowl Inventory BlogFriends in Need

In Fishbowl CEO David K. Williams’ recent Forbes article, he talks about Fishbowl employees stepping up to help our partners in need. Hurricane Sandy brought extraordinary damage to the most populous areas of the East Coast of the United States. Among the victims of this natural disaster are Sal Cucinella and Mark Linden, leaders of Sharpe Concepts, one of Fishbowl’s oldest business partners.

Sharpe Concepts’ headquarters is on Long Island, so they got the brunt of the hurricane. Luckily, they managed to restore most of their business operations soon after the storm subsided, but there are still a lot of problems that need to be overcome.

You can read the full story of their plight in Williams’ article. My point is that when Fishbowl employees heard about Cucinella’s and Linden’s situation, they donated a great deal of money to help them recover, and they sent their concern and well-wishes, too.

A Streak of Service

This is typical of what Fishbowl does for those in need. Of course, we don’t just help our friends. We spend one day every year serving members of our local community, and we sponsor the Courage Above Mountains Foundation to help people gain new job skills and improve their situations.

Fishbowl is always reaching out to help the community, not because we expect praise, but because doing so makes the world a better place. I know that sounds cliché, but we really mean it. When people and businesses aren’t solely focused on making money and they take time to help each other, great things can happen.

I’m grateful for many things this Thanksgiving, not the least of which is the privilege of being a Fishbowl employee. I hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday.


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  1. Skyler says:

    I want to also express my thanks to Fishbowl and the people that I work with. Although this article was posted just about a year ago it still holds true to what Fishbowl stands for and I am grateful to be a part of it!

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